Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Busy Factor!

The next two weeks....Wow! If we thought we were busy for the last two weeks, check out our calendar of events for the next two weeks...I think it is going to require large doses of very strong coffee, and a little ibuprofen to get thru! It is all for a great cause, and we are still having fun; which in itself is amazing. This past week was a "slow" week of activity, it was a "catch your breath" break for everyone who is helping with the events and our cause.

A few updates, the "bus tour" was incredibly fun for everyone who attended. I have been told by all women who were on the bus that it was one of the "best" times they have ever had. I think it is female bonding, a group of people with diverse backgrounds and ideas with a little alcohol that made it the best time for everyone. The women who were on the bus did an amazing job of "making money" from the patrons of the local pubs. A big thank you to the pub owners, and patrons for supporting our cause! There has been talk about repeating this trip in the early spring for another charity cause...Hmmm, maybe I will be ready to tackle a new project for fund raising by then. Actually, I think it would be a great fund raiser for our local domestic violence/women's shelter. I will definetly keep this project alive for a later date!

The other fund raising event that was this past week was my annual garage sale. It never ceases to amaze me at how much stuff I accumulate yearly. I think my ability to accumulate is equal to my need for creativity....I need to dwell on this. Anyway, my "stuff" became others "stuff" and I made some money for the cause! The irony is that my house does not look any emptier...

This week....starts today! Tomorrow, we have a burrito lunch at the facility, dine in/carry out/delivery available. Then on Wednesday, lunch in Capac, (my hometown) at my church for the local businesses and my church friends. On Thursday it is kid's night at MediLodge and we are anticipating 200 children/with parents in attendance. This will be an outside event if the weather cooperates. On Saturday we have the country music/line dancing event in Yale with dinner and adult beverages for 40.00 per couple.

Our focus has been on keeping the events affordable, centered on all age groups, and really they are about involving the elders as much as possible. We have three main events scheduled at our home, the kids night, ladies night and our community bbq. I know that the elders are excited about "people" coming in to them. This is a huge thing for us. We are welcoming you into our home where we live. They have been busy getting their "guest services" together. I hope that everyone who has never experienced an elder care community will come away with a new understanding, and a change in their thinking about what we are all about.

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lschocke said...

Hey, all this excitement almost makes me want to have a bologna sandwich...remember I am a vegetarian! Good luck (+: lisa