Saturday, October 6, 2007

Recent Adventures and New Events!

This past week found me experiencing homecoming from the parade view point. Kind of weird being a 39 year old queen in the homecoming parade...Funny, and I could expound on the irony of the situation of whence I came in my own youth...But we will not go there...Simply stated, yours truly was never on a float or wore a crown in any homecoming parade during her youth... Finding the situation humorous, I sent a few of you a text/picture attesting to the fact that yes indeed, I was the "homecoming bologna queen" last night...funny stuff really...

On to more serious purposes. My team, has discussed and decided that we are going to assist our local youth earn/raise money for a skateboard park that the township has agreed to build if the group/youth can raise the money. We feel it is a great opportunity to team up generations for a great cause and to help the community. So, watch for events in our building, and future postings of events that we will be holding to help with this great effort.

First up, our annual bazaar where we will be selling create a bear/outfits with all proceeds to be donated to the youth group. In December at the annual lighted Christmas parade we will continue our fundraising by selling glow items or other items to the crowd. We would like to donate a minimum of 1,000 dollars by next May. We will also have our elders helping with this cause and you will probably find us selling cookies and other items in the lobby during the next few months..

Thanks for your continued support, and what a great way to keep the spirit of giving alive in our community!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Raising money for good causes..

Today we raised 160.00 dollars for the juvenile diabetes foundation/Mona's Angels. Simply by serving lunch to my staff for 5.00. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed their lunch. We will be serving lunch again in two weeks, this time it is homemade beef stew and biscuits, with apple cobbler. 5.00 for the meal, and the money we raise will be given to the Memphis High School Senior All Night Party Fund. Have a charity event in need? Give us a call, we will be happy to work with you as part of our campaign/support to the world's biggest blog party. ( The queen is taking a break for a few weeks, as the next semester of school starts with classes two days a week and many work related tasks that need to be completed. Thank you for your support and maybe we will see you at the diabetes walk this weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taking the crown on the road for great causes...

OK, so the elders found my pictures from convention funny...Just so you all know that your picture with crown and sash has been viewed by my queen mum's and knights. Yours truly also has a horrific picture out there with real "bologna" on her head. The moral of this story is never enter into a verbal contract with an attorney for a donation. They will hold you/hound you until you fulfill your commitment. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson.

Irregardless, the crown and sash were great talking points regarding our small town, the festival and getting the message about the "good" that came of our fund raising out there.

In fact, one of our keynote speakers shared his website with me and I am going to be linking to this site. It is being touted as the "world's largest blog party" and the purpose is to get 1,000 bloggers to work for a period of time to raise money for a charity and then blog about what they are doing. The premise is that if 1,000 people raise 1,000 dollars that is 1 million dollars being raised to enrich the lives of others. Pretty nifty concept, and one that we (the queens, knights and I) can embrace. Our first fund raiser is tomorrow for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

I am a registered walker for Sunday's Michigan event. We will be hosting a small staff lunch tomorrow with the intent of raising 100 dollars in matching money to my 100 dollar donation.

I am walking as part of Mona's Angels. Mona is a little girl who is full of spunk and energy. She is a beautiful energetic child who happens to have diabetes. Her illness does not slow her down. She is a great little dancer, (her dance troupe has won many awards) and she lights up the room when you meet her. Truly a special little girl that would inspire anyone to raise money for a cause that will benefit countless children like herself.

During the next 6-8 weeks we will be hosting a few small fund raising events to create some philanthropic thoughts for my staff, my queens and to continue our quest to make this a better world for you and I to live in; one dollar, one word, one event at a time.. If you have a cause or worthwhile event that you would like us to help with; let us know, we may just be able to assist!

Having personal fun is great; but when we can have fun and create a little enjoyment for someone else; that is priceless and what matters most...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Motherly Advice and Observations...

I love the advice from my elders. Today was no exception. Several of the queen mums knew I was off on a short adventure to New Orleans; and today I was cornered by two with a multitude of questions regarding what I did while there...

Word to the wise, when walking thru our building; you will never know what you will be asked, what comments you will get; or what unrequited advice you will receive.

I am sure anyone walking by, would have been shocked by the bawdy content of the this conversation. (funny how women when in gaggles always end up talking about men...) Yes, for the male reader it is true; that when you get two or more women together over coffee; the conversation will turn to the behavior and observations of your gender.

As we talked about my trip, they shared that they were envious that they were never allowed to go on trips without their spouses...This turned to a conversation about marriage; and what they enjoyed and didn't enjoy about being married;(giving up control of their money and allowing their spouses to determine all decisions in the marriage..) their regrets and secrets; it occurred to me that this "real" conversation and advice giving from them to me was empowering and rewarding for them.

While we joked about my need to confess for sins of over indulgence; they shared their own experiences of the same. I shared with them stories about great wine, incredible restaurants, and the opportunity to converse with complete strangers about being the "queen". (they asked if I flirted, I refused to answer, the one mum, smiled and said "I can tell by your blushing that you had too much fun!")

At the end of the coffee; one queen mum told me "honey, enjoy this time in your life, live it up, life only goes forward, and someday you are going to wake up and be 87 like me and wonder why I behaved and followed the made my life boring...there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the opportunities I missed. The other mum chimed in, with her secret; "I love life, if you love it, you will live it well honey, live it well and savor it".."I did, and I don't regret a single moment". As we finished our coffee and I told them both thank you for their great advice and support and gave a promise to cook with the mum's next week when I am back from our convention...Their request? anything with alcohol in it that is spicy and not good for them...I am thinking banana's foster, and a good gumbo, followed with more girl talk and gossip...It sounds like a great afternoon stress reliever to look forward too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Big Easy...

Welcome to our new found friends in New Orleans! I am back, and exhausted, but what a great four days. The "queen" enjoyed herself immensely, made several new friends enjoyed the sights, sounds and people of the area. The welcome we received, (not to mention the frequent comments, smiles and what in the world questions); was fairly overwhelming. Yet, the message of "bologna" was spread as we toured some of the highlights that can be found only in the big easy.

Here are a few of the things I learned:

1. a few new sayings ie; in parts of Louisiana you "make groceries" and "save the
2. that I have an accent and sound like a "cheese head"
3. that having a man say "hey baby" to you means hello how are you and not an
inappropriate welcome
4. that the locals have better music, food and a culture that is unlike anything
I have ever experienced in any other U.S. city
5. that New Orleans is recovering well and you should all visit
6. that bananas foster is a great "morning headache" remedy
7. the definition of creole, Cajun and zydeco
8. that I like Cajun food and zydeco music
9. that wearing my crown and sash on bourbon st. didn't get us many looks in
comparison to other things observed on bourbon st.
10. that football is serious business in Louisiana; and being an Alma mater of
Michigan was a funny joke to most of the football fans watching games this
11. that you can buy beads anywhere in New Orleans and make up stories as to how
you actually got them. (the queen did receive one strand of beads for allowing
a group of young men to wear her crown for a picture)....good story.
12. I learned how to make pralines, jambalaya, gumbo and "real" grits
13. that the small towns of Louisiana are not any different from the small towns
where the bologna queen comes from..

Thank you to one and all for making my trip a remarkable and memorable event not to be forgotten for some time!

The "bologna queen"

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Adventures of the Bologna Queen...

So, a new idea was given to me this week. People who know me; should be running for the hills; Jana with an idea - scary...

Anyway; the idea was from our lovely bologna festival chairwoman who suggested that as I travel for business or pleasure; that I take the crown and sash, and a t-shirt or two and get pictures for the Yale website; with this blog as the on going saga of the bologna queen. Sounds like a great idea to me on a couple levels; 1. I love to travel 2. I am not shy 3. It will be a great way to promote the bologna festival!

So the first adventure is set for the weekend of Sept. 6th-10th. Yours truly will be taking a short vacation with her best friend Sandi. (these should be great pictures)! We are going to the city of New Orleans for a reprieve from our daily grinds. I can only begin to imagine the fun the "bologna queen" will have in the big easy....

With that said we are going for "cooking classes" one of the four days we are there, we have a top hotel, (can you say pampering?) and we are only moments from bourbon st. This little travel adventure came to us on the same day in the form of an email from starwood. I called, turned in points and the rest is going to be a great memory!

The fun fact about this trip that we just discovered last week? The original hotel we wanted to stay at is booked solid for a cardiovascular conference. (Hotel filled with heart surgeons..I feel chest pains already...) So..what's a queen to do? Get a better hotel, and then perhaps indulge in a few libations at the hotel bar with the Dr.'s... With the goal of having a little harmless fun and to get as many business cards/emails as possible to send the next "wave" of bologna seeking funds for next year.

See how my mind works?


Mug Shot Updates;

Watch for updates as we travel... Oh and one more item; the web service I have at home is giving me complete fits about down loading pictures. By the end of September we will have a new service that will allow me to put up a link to the bologna queen photo albums...Watch for it to be posted shortly...

If you see an unlikely queen walking thru the crowds on bourbon st. beware; your picture and business card are being sought!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A World of Thanks and Now What?

I have a list of thank yous that will fill the entire page: But, first and foremost I need to thank my staff(friends) who worked harder then anyone should to get this crown...Really, truly they are some of the best people on earth; and I would be lost without their support. I owe the office staff a HUGE thanks for putting up with my anxiety; neurosis and my ADD for the past 7 weeks; and to think they are still working for us! Also to the dietary department, I promise we will not do this type of thing again, (or at least until we get more storage space!). The entire staff of MediLodge worked tremendously hard for this and deserve a huge round of applause for their outstanding customer service, and support. Thank you one and all!

To the residents and my elders; thank you. Your support, smiles, hugs and words mean the world to me. Your wisdom and encouragement gets me thru many a day; and gives me the focus to keep up the struggle for culture change.

To my boss, for her support, laughter and understanding with the "focus". It is incredible to work for a company that gives autonomy to go after ideas and supports us in what we do for our communities and elders. It is her direction and open mind that inspires and motivates me; thank you!

To my family, thank you for understanding and supporting me. I appreciate your time and dedication; even if it left you a little perplexed, you were there supporting the effort, thank you! A special thank you to my grandpa Pete for his generous donation, love and support!

To my dear friend Sandi; thank you for your effort, time and support; despite her own busy schedule this summer, she found time to help with every function and provide me with support and encouragement; best friends are rare; and I truly appreciate your support!

Now onto the vendors and supporters who donated so generously; following is a list of the vendors, businesses and individuals who sent us checks, donated to our fund raisers and sent well wishes!

All Star Vending, Pt. Huron, MI
Ace Hardware, Yale, MI
Mid West Juice, Grand Rapids, MI
Leonard Gerlach Builder; Capac, MI
Medical Advantage LLC Jackson, MI
Interstate Security,Inc. Shelby Township, MI
Mary Vinckier, DDS; Yale, MI
Detroit Chemical and Paper Supply; Warren, MI
Daniel King/Breeze Medical, Bloomingdale, MI
Trudy Myers, Yale, MI
Nemeth and Burwell, P.C. Detroit, MI
Sangster and Associates, Rochester, MI
Sheldon Medical Supply, Sandusky MI
Nancy Ozturk, Istanbul Turkey
Rhonda Jones, Detroit Chemical
Kerr Albert Office Supply, Port Huron, MI
Earl Smith Distributing, Pt. Huron, MI
Vinckier Foods, Yale, MI
C.Roy and Sons, Yale, MI
Yale Flower Shop, Yale, MI
The Kalina Family, Oakland County, MI
The Foerster Family, Marshall, MI
David and Carol Shroeder, Midland, MI
Kim and Chuck Rummler, Shelby, MI
Sue and Matt Bollaert, Capac, MI
Gene and Janice Rinke, Avoca, MI
Al and Doris Stuever, Lynn, MI
Nestle Food and Nutritional Supplements, Texas
St. John's Lutheran Church, Capac, MI
Karen and The Yale Manor Senior Apartment Residents, Yale, MI
Deborah Culp
Donna Kolhorst
MediLodge of Taylor Residents/Barney Foland
MediLodge of Sterling/Dean Rumsey (thanks for the golf ball auction!)
Stitch by Stitch, Yale, MI
Serious Graphics and Signs, Yale MI
Yale VFW
Dr. Grewal
Encore Rehabilitation, Southfield, MI
Frank Wronski, Washington, MI
MediLodge Group, Inc. Washington, MI
Port Huron Electric Motor, Pt. Huron, MI
Robert Goolsby, Avoca, MI
Kathy and Mike Lentz, Lynn, MI
John and Ann Tomlinson and Family, Pt. Huron, MI
Janet Finley, Algonac, Mi
Scrubs on Wheels, Indiana
All Med Medical Supply, Southfield, MI
Lebenbom and Rothman, P.C.
Leaders in Training, Walsh College, Troy, MI
LRI/Phil Wilson, Broken Arrow, OK
Holly Meadows Golf Course, Capac, MI
Allenton Collision, Capac, MI
Family First Health Care, Yale/Capac, MI
Tri-County Bank staff
Capac Bank staff
Metro Advertising, Mt. Clemens, MI
Sandusky Tribune, Sandusky, MI
Tri-City Times, Imlay City, MI
96.9, Radio First, Pt. Huron, MI
92.5 Sanilac Broadcasting, Sandusky, MI
Emmett Village News, Emmett, MI
Ray and Shannon Cournya, Peck, MI
In addition, I would like to thank the 400 plus individuals who sent in 1.00 dollar donations via pay pal. Thank you so much!

Now What?

Well, I think I need a little vacation! I am going to take a few R/R days this week and then in early September, I will be in New Orleans enjoying a lovely vacation taking cooking classes, shopping and enjoying the life on Bourbon St. I cannot wait to spend four days taking in the sights and sounds of the south, and practicing my cajun cooking!