Monday, July 16, 2007

Mmm...Pie! Reflections On A Sense of Community!

Another great success! We had a great turn out to buy homemade pie on Saturday. Despite the rain; we sold out by noon! As I sit here typing, I am enjoying a small piece of homemade raspberry pie with my coffee. A great breakfast for sure! A huge thanks to Cindy S. and Betty F. for taking their idea and setting up this fund raiser. Also thanks to my pie ladies, my church ladies from St. John's; MaryAnn; Linda A.; Pat; Jo K. and the ladies from the manor for contributing. Also a very big thanks to Matt and Lindsey for allowing us to set up outside of their store, serious signs and graphics. Lindsey and family also made a donation of baked goods and they were a big hit as well!

If you have never experienced a bake sale; you do not know what you are missing! This is a small town tradition that brings back memories of my childhood. I can recall going to the bank with my mom to take baked goods in for the monthly Catholic ladies bake sale. The rule was that if we were "good" we were able to take a cookie from the table. I remember that bribe working well for my sisters and I; because we knew that mom would take home a dozen of the "church lady cookies" and we would have a great snack that night. I think the other memory of this event is the sense of community it brought to me as a child, that has stuck with me as an adult.

When growing up in a small town; you think everyone is a friend, and you know pretty much everyone, or they know you and your parents. This still holds true. Now that I am an adult; I find myself having conversations about people/places using descriptions with old family names as reference points. Funny stuff for someone who has never lived in a small community; but the norm for those of us who live here.

It is funny to me that as subdivision and urban living has evolved they are now being designed to give a sense of "community". For those of us who live in a true "community" we perhaps take for granted the atmosphere which we are accustomed too.

Either way; this entire "project" I have undertaken, has really brought to me a renewed sense of community and the importance of maintaining this lifestyle for then next generation!

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