Friday, July 20, 2007

ladies night...Success!

Wow! At last count we were up to 350 women at our ladies night out! Thanks to one and all for supporting this fun event. A huge thanks to the dietary staff for their incredible work effort to get the food prepared, temped and served! We met our "license" requirement with great success and I owe it all to their teamwork and effort. I think the vendors all enjoyed a successful night; and we kept the psychic busy for 6 hours! Today the buzz was how much money we raised; the psychic reading results, and the great success of the event overall.

We are now in the home stretch, and while we are tired, the enthusiasm is still persistent. I liken it to the end of summer at a resort, still happy, but ready for the end to be near! We have two more events and then the big festival next weekend. This week we recv'd emails from Michigan, China and another from my friends in the BVI..Thanks to one and all! Also, thank you to the vendors for their continued support and sending us donations for our community festival.

It is 6:30 on Friday night, and yours truly is considering "sleep" as the next thing on my to do list.

Update after the bbq!

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