Saturday, October 6, 2007

Recent Adventures and New Events!

This past week found me experiencing homecoming from the parade view point. Kind of weird being a 39 year old queen in the homecoming parade...Funny, and I could expound on the irony of the situation of whence I came in my own youth...But we will not go there...Simply stated, yours truly was never on a float or wore a crown in any homecoming parade during her youth... Finding the situation humorous, I sent a few of you a text/picture attesting to the fact that yes indeed, I was the "homecoming bologna queen" last night...funny stuff really...

On to more serious purposes. My team, has discussed and decided that we are going to assist our local youth earn/raise money for a skateboard park that the township has agreed to build if the group/youth can raise the money. We feel it is a great opportunity to team up generations for a great cause and to help the community. So, watch for events in our building, and future postings of events that we will be holding to help with this great effort.

First up, our annual bazaar where we will be selling create a bear/outfits with all proceeds to be donated to the youth group. In December at the annual lighted Christmas parade we will continue our fundraising by selling glow items or other items to the crowd. We would like to donate a minimum of 1,000 dollars by next May. We will also have our elders helping with this cause and you will probably find us selling cookies and other items in the lobby during the next few months..

Thanks for your continued support, and what a great way to keep the spirit of giving alive in our community!