Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Few New Fund Raisers...

By popular demand; we are going to be serving lunch again! This time, we are going to be serving from my hometown; (Capac) we will be serving a hot lunch to go, or dine in; on July 11th from St. John's Lutheran Church in Capac. The menu will be homemade traditional lasagna; or a modern recipe vegetable lasagna; garlic toast, salad and dessert. All this for 5.00. Anyone dining in will also enjoy traditional Lutheran coffee....Please join us on this day! 10% of all profits from this event will be tithed back to the church. We will be faxing/mailing order forms to all of my Capac friends shortly, so watch for postings!

A pie sale: Two of my staff members,(you do realize what great people work at MediLodge by now)!...came up with a fund raising idea...We are going to be selling real homemade pies. Yes you read that correctly, real, homemade pies. This will happen on July 14th in downtown Yale in front of a brand new sign/print company that is opening on the south west side of Main St; in the grey sheldon's building. (small town landmark directions)! We will be set up in the morning and open until all of the pies are gone.
I am asking my mom, mother in law, a few select other really good "pie makers" and "church lady friends" to help us make some great fruit pies to sell. We hope to have at least 100 pies for sale on this day.. If you enjoy homemade raspberry pie, you will want to be in downtown Yale early on this day! We plan on having: Raspberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Peach and Mixed berry pies for sale. I will also try and get some old fashioned rhubarb pies as well..Have a request? Let us know, I am sure we can get it made for you!

Kudos to Cindy and Betty for taking this project on and having a great idea! we have not determined a price yet, but it will be very reasonable, and if you are like me; nothing beats a piece of homemade pie warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; and then taking it outside on your porch on a hot summer night...A true rural American tradition that still exists!

One more update....We have full sized create a bears for sale. These are unstuffed plush animal toys, that come with your choice of outfit and a bag of fluff that your child/grandchild can take home and "make". The total cost is 20.00 dollars. This includes the animal, fluff and outfit. Call us for information. Having a birthday party? We will sell you 10 sets for 180.00 dollars. (this is one free). As a mom, I think this is a pretty affordable birthday party idea.

Finally...Garage Sale next week the 6th and 7th from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 15105 Turner Rd. Lynn, MI.. We have a TON of top quality clothing, books, womens shoes, purses, jewelry, and I am getting rid of my scrap book and stamping supplies. I also have cleaned out my cook book collection, and am getting rid of over 100 cook books. Anyone that knows me, knows that this garage sale is a huge event and worth the drive if you like high quality clothing and "stuff". All of my proceeds are going to the "queen" cause.

Have a great weekend; we are busily getting ready for the "bus trip" I am sure there will be great stories on Monday, but none that can be shared here!

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