Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Big Easy...

Welcome to our new found friends in New Orleans! I am back, and exhausted, but what a great four days. The "queen" enjoyed herself immensely, made several new friends enjoyed the sights, sounds and people of the area. The welcome we received, (not to mention the frequent comments, smiles and what in the world questions); was fairly overwhelming. Yet, the message of "bologna" was spread as we toured some of the highlights that can be found only in the big easy.

Here are a few of the things I learned:

1. a few new sayings ie; in parts of Louisiana you "make groceries" and "save the
2. that I have an accent and sound like a "cheese head"
3. that having a man say "hey baby" to you means hello how are you and not an
inappropriate welcome
4. that the locals have better music, food and a culture that is unlike anything
I have ever experienced in any other U.S. city
5. that New Orleans is recovering well and you should all visit
6. that bananas foster is a great "morning headache" remedy
7. the definition of creole, Cajun and zydeco
8. that I like Cajun food and zydeco music
9. that wearing my crown and sash on bourbon st. didn't get us many looks in
comparison to other things observed on bourbon st.
10. that football is serious business in Louisiana; and being an Alma mater of
Michigan was a funny joke to most of the football fans watching games this
11. that you can buy beads anywhere in New Orleans and make up stories as to how
you actually got them. (the queen did receive one strand of beads for allowing
a group of young men to wear her crown for a picture)....good story.
12. I learned how to make pralines, jambalaya, gumbo and "real" grits
13. that the small towns of Louisiana are not any different from the small towns
where the bologna queen comes from..

Thank you to one and all for making my trip a remarkable and memorable event not to be forgotten for some time!

The "bologna queen"

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