Thursday, September 13, 2007

Motherly Advice and Observations...

I love the advice from my elders. Today was no exception. Several of the queen mums knew I was off on a short adventure to New Orleans; and today I was cornered by two with a multitude of questions regarding what I did while there...

Word to the wise, when walking thru our building; you will never know what you will be asked, what comments you will get; or what unrequited advice you will receive.

I am sure anyone walking by, would have been shocked by the bawdy content of the this conversation. (funny how women when in gaggles always end up talking about men...) Yes, for the male reader it is true; that when you get two or more women together over coffee; the conversation will turn to the behavior and observations of your gender.

As we talked about my trip, they shared that they were envious that they were never allowed to go on trips without their spouses...This turned to a conversation about marriage; and what they enjoyed and didn't enjoy about being married;(giving up control of their money and allowing their spouses to determine all decisions in the marriage..) their regrets and secrets; it occurred to me that this "real" conversation and advice giving from them to me was empowering and rewarding for them.

While we joked about my need to confess for sins of over indulgence; they shared their own experiences of the same. I shared with them stories about great wine, incredible restaurants, and the opportunity to converse with complete strangers about being the "queen". (they asked if I flirted, I refused to answer, the one mum, smiled and said "I can tell by your blushing that you had too much fun!")

At the end of the coffee; one queen mum told me "honey, enjoy this time in your life, live it up, life only goes forward, and someday you are going to wake up and be 87 like me and wonder why I behaved and followed the made my life boring...there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the opportunities I missed. The other mum chimed in, with her secret; "I love life, if you love it, you will live it well honey, live it well and savor it".."I did, and I don't regret a single moment". As we finished our coffee and I told them both thank you for their great advice and support and gave a promise to cook with the mum's next week when I am back from our convention...Their request? anything with alcohol in it that is spicy and not good for them...I am thinking banana's foster, and a good gumbo, followed with more girl talk and gossip...It sounds like a great afternoon stress reliever to look forward too!

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