Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thanks for Lunch!

We had a great event today and here is very big thank you to everyone who assisted to make this fund raising effort successful. We served over 181 dinners! WOW! Thanks to all of the staff of medilodge of yale for their dedication to this crazy day...Believe me it was a tad crazy! We have a week off and then we are going to be back with a large community event here at the facility. The residents love the extra people coming in, visiting, and sharing in our efforts. One of my queen mums suggested today that we get bologna crowns for them to wear as greeters...I told her perhaps we could make some tomorrow as an activity..We both had a good laugh over the looks they would gander as the door greeters, sitting in their Sunday best, with a "pretend" ring of bologna on their head. She thought it would be a good conversation starter..I think I would have to agree with her.

On another positive note, we are getting tremendous feedback about how we have involved the elders in this process. So much so, that yours truly has been asked to speak at a best practices event to be held the week before bologna festival. I will be speaking to my peers about the importance of community involvement and what we are/have done to change the community culture of long term care...I am going to take our where in the world board, and pictures of the events that the elders have participated in during these 6 weeks. Again, I will reiterate the experience for all of us is worth more then the outcome...We are having a thrilling adventure this summer!

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