Friday, June 15, 2007

Kicked Off!

We are 24 hours from the official kick off! I am already exhausted! That is a rare thing for me. Those who know me; know that I am usually full of energy. I think maybe the school/and bologna committment coming to a peak at the same time is a bit much. But; I will survive and be stronger; at least isn't that what the saying means; that which does not kill you makes you stronger?

Anyway; the t-shirts are in; they are adorable! The mugs, glass, hats and stuff will be sorted and sold tomorrow night. I hope we get a great turn out and the queen mums are anxious to start writing thank yous! Today saw us stuffing, and sending letters; last night one of the queen mums helped us stuff and sort over 200 envelopes, and she was a great help. The resident salesman is anxious to get his hands on our shirts for selling; he was inspecting the wares today as we sorted, and getting his price list ready.

I will have pictures of the kick off event on the my space by Sunday night. Watch for them!


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